Transmission repair, the first thing people think of is, oh no I need a new transmission! Well that is not always the case.

Today’s automatic transmissions are controlled through a series of electronic sensors, solenoids and switches, which in turn control the hydraulic and mechanical portions of the automatic transmission.

The first step in finding out what type of transmission repair your transmission might need is to perform a scan of the transmission electrical system. Transmission repair testing is done with an engine and transmission diagnostic tester. This is not to be confused with the code reader that a lot of auto parts stores use to retrieve a code from the computer. The only thing that a code reader does is give a code from the computer. This does not mean the item that the code readers came up with is bad, but it is in that circuit. The diagnostic tester is a lot more complex and can go into more areas of the computer to help diagnose the problem. It will help us to determine if the problem is as simple as a speed sensor, or more complex like a computer or short in the wiring. Some systems will even let us have an electronic “look” at the clutches. This is called the CVI or clutch volume index. It gives us the manufactures range of what the clutches should be at each shift point. So for transmission repair, give us a call so we can do a free basic diagnostic on your vehicle.