Craig & Theresa S.
Puyallup, WA

We received an estimate from a major tire store of nearly $5000 to fix my transmission.We were so pleased to find A-1 only charged $1200! Our Transmission has been trouble free for over 3 years and nearly 60,000 miles. WOW! Thanks A-1!
Dear Tom and Ray,

I would like to thank both of you for the outstanding and honest service
you've shown me at South Hill Transmission. As you know, I had the transmissionin my 1995 Monte Carlo rebuilt about 10 months ago. The warranty of 12 months or 12,000 miles expired in miles but not months, which at most or all other shops would mean the warranty expired and most likely they wouldn't fix it at no cost. The transmission developed a leak that I thought was going to cost a lot of money to fix. The transmission torque converter was bad. To my surprise you replaced it at no cost. I highly recommend both of your shops to anyone who needs to have work done on their transmissions and wants to know they are being dealt with honestly and fairly.

Thanks again. Good service IS hard to find and in this case much appreciated.

Scot Ramsay
To Whom It May Concern:|

We would like to recommend South Hill Tr
ansmission & Automotive. Their work for us
has been excellent and their desire to perform
and go the extra mile is very evident in the
way they deal with th
eir customers and clients.

Bernard (Ski) Piotrowski
Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
Being a small business owner I know how important honesty can be. Let me tell you about a company that knows honesty and customer service, A-South Hill Transmission & Automotive is that company. On a Saturday, I show up to the shop on meridian and walk into the office to explain my transmission problem. In the office that Saturday morning was a man by the name of Tom Davis. I asked Tom if by chance he'd be able to look at my van transmission today (sat. is by appt. only). Tom said that it wouldn't be a problem, pull it in and let's have a look at it. I pulled the van into the bay, Tom put the van through three small tests that might cause it to not shift, it passed the first and second test. This took about forty-five minutes. About this time I had lost hope that it was something simple. Tom said that this test was the last one before he'd have to keep it and dig deeper into the transmission. Tom put the van up on rack and took out the governor on the transmission, he said " somebody must really like you" the gear on the governor was wore out. Tom went into the parts room and brought out another governor with a good gear on it and put it in the van, the van was fixed. During the hour and half that Tom had been working on my work van (the only work van I have). I had told him that it was my birthday and that transmission problems was the last thing I thought I would have gotten for my birthday. Tom put the van back together and moved it out front of the shop and came inside. I asked him how much the parts & services he provided were going to cost me, Tom looked at me and said "happy birthday" ! So I am writing this letter in hopes that all of you that read it will tell someone else. And that word of mouth will repay Tom for the kindness that he had given to me.

Terry Barnes
Dear Tom and Ray:

Thank you for the transmission work you completed on my 1993 Ford Ranger. You have given  my well cared for Ranger a new lease on life! I appreciate the extra mile you both went to, in order to make me a satisfied customer.

The net result is - I would be more than happy to recommend your transmission shop to
any of my friends and famil

Your high integrity and honest business professionalism is a credit to you and your shop.

Thank you again for the help in getting me back on the road.

James Guthrie
16312 135th Avenue CI
. E.
Puyallup, WA 96374
Dear Tom Davis

Greetings to you and your mechanic technicians, I am writing to Thank You and your mechanic technicians for the excellent work you performed-on our transmission. After you repaired' our transmission my husband and myself took our truck for what was intended to be a short test drive, as we drove along our transmission performance and driving was outstanding. Our transmission is running smooth the gears are shifting promptly and properly.

My husband and myself were so thrilled, overjoyed, and, pleased with the work that A-l performed on our transmission that we took a long pleasurable ride instead of the test drive.

We would encourage and refer anyone who needs transmission work done please come to A-I Transmission Shop for truly A-I is A - ALLRIGHT WITH US!


cerly Yours
Mr. Johnny & Cody Johnson
Tacoma Transmission
Tacoma Transmission
Tacoma Transmission
Tacoma Transmission